Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mission One the Motto Electrica

Futuristic-looking, but real, sober, clean and above all ready to go on sale. In the Technology Entertainment and Design and the latest signature Mission Motors has obtainable the One, breaking the trend of the few sports bikes currently on the market.

It has a lithium ion battery, with technology developed by its manufacturer, Mission Motors, and a three-phase electric motor that is capable of producing 136 Nm of torque just starting to accelerate. The Mission One has a simple transmission of a single motion.

Since its weight and aerodynamics developed is able to accelerate to 241 kilometers per hour while their autonomy may be around 240 km with a single charge. Precisely because of its benefits, and there are several experts who have dubbed the Tesla two-wheelers. Read more

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hooker's Delight

Hooker is an English word that has two meanings: the official who is hook and a type of jargon. The fact is that this cup, which was named Hooker's Delight, is ideal for a martini, because in the end, you can catch the olives. But other inventive drinks can also enter the game. Read more

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Juniper Hotel Design

After iTable table inspired by the famous music player of the house of Cupertino, who was born at the Salon Mobile in Milan in 2008, the collection of furniture designed by Mirko Ginepro begins to take shape and is enhanced by two new components, a library door DVD and a wall lamp environment, helping to focus the vision remains incomplete Lounge in 2010.

"New Icon" which in some way have left a mark in history, are re-interpreted and transformed into furnishing accessories, such as i-pod has become a coffee table, and other 'cult' to be transformed by his pencil additions in d 'furniture. Read more

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sam Baron for Vista

Sam Baron, director of design and factory released three latest collections in Maison and Object in Paris. For the Portuguese company Vista Alegre, designed the collection of Baron Royal Current table. Baron makes great use of the appeal of that rise in spirals grows over the pieces.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Afroditi Krassa: Best Design floor lamp

The Hidden Agenda is a wall and floor lamp that easily lean against wall. Due to its complicated geometry and this is itself in place with no fixings. It is cunningly fitted with an individually prohibited up lighter and a down lighter to produce a flexible and subtle wash of light. The extra wire carefully rolls up behind its negligible facade.

Afroditi Krassa Ltd is one of London mainly electrifying design consultancy. Set up in 2002 by RCA mark off Afroditi Krassa and the company boasts an imposing portfolio of clients just like as Top shop, John Lewis, Fired Earth Interiors etc. The intelligent designs have gain company critical approval and many design awards.

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